Sheikh Hamad

Chairman's Message

Since our formation in the early 1990s the Byrne Group has differentiated itself through its commitment to the provision of high-quality service and to this day customer service is still the forefront of the business ensuring we deliver an outstanding level of service 24/7.

Listening and working closely with our clients has resulted in the growth of our strategically positioned footprint across the GCC and the extensive expansion of the fleet to meet the ever-growing demand driven by a proven operational excellence model. 

We are a GCC company with a strong history and our incredibly experienced team of professionals who are both multi-cultural and multi-national have helped our business to thrive and succeed in many different ways and this will continue to be an important focus of the organisation in the future.

We have never made any secret of our ambition to be the largest equipment rental and lease organisation in the region, and as we look towards the future Byrne plan to expand into the Asian market and replicate the success the company has already achieved in the GCC region to further support our clients and their business requirements.

We are determined to continue on our growth journey and in doing so we look forward to working with you by being your first choice in the field of equipment rental and lease solutions.

Sheikh Hamad S Al Sulaiman