Reasons to rent equipment

Reasons to Rent

With a growing rental fleet and an unmatched network of depots across the Middle East region, more and more companies are relying on Byrne to meet their equipment needs. 

Why rent?

  • Access a wide range of equipment when you need it, for as long as you need it.
  • No maintenance, ongoing storage or service costs.
  • Use of equipment that is compliant, reliable and safe.
  • Avoid costly downtime  -  our 24/7 backup service sees to this.
  • Preserve you capex for your core business – no capital outlay for rental.

As well as cost efficiency and providing access to a modern and safe fleet, renting is increasingly seen as sustainable – maximising equipment utilisation and reducing waste.

Equipment for rent

Over 14,000 items of plant and equipment in our rental fleet

Our mechanical and non-mechanical fleets include power generation, compressed air, welding equipment, temporary buildings, hoist and access equipment, and operated plant. We cater for the equipment needs of multiple industries from construction to oil & gas to events.

Professional Technical Support 

Along with our large rental fleets spread across the region, Byrnes team of rental professionals are on hand to provide specialist technical advice and support to ensure you rent exactly what your business needs.

Saving and Sustaining

With mounting pressure across most industries on margins, choosing to rent rather than own plant and equipment reduces operating costs, while giving you  access to the most modern, safe, properly maintained and environmentally friendly equipment without the associated capital outlay.

Want to Know More?

To find out more about how Byrne can add value to your business with our equipment rental solutions, contact us today.

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