Mast Climbing Work Platform Rental

Archirodon MCWP

The client required an access solution for wall finishing works during the course of a project in the Deep Tunnel Stormwater System Terminal Pumping Station and Sea Outfall. They called to Byrne for a durable, reliable solution that would be easy to operate and maintain.

Equipment Supplied: ALIMAK mast climbing work platforms - model MC450, 55 meter height.
Solution: Byrne supplied ALIMAK mast climbing work platforms in both single and twin configuration models MC450 to meet the client’s requirements. This provided access for wall finishing works into the ground to a depth of 60 meters during the course of construction.

Result: The use of mast climber worker platforms instead of traditional access methods such as scaffolding or cradles contributed to the efficient and quick completion of the project, demonstrating the time and cost saving benefits of the platforms versus traditional access methods.
The project was completed with no records of any health and safety incidents and at an efficient pace, demonstrating the reliability, safety and productivity of Byrne’s service and product offering.