Case Study: DUBAL Sweepers

In 2004 Byrne entered into a contractual agreement with DUBAL (Dubai Aluminium Company Limited, a subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminium) to supply small, medium & large sweepers to their Jebel Ali operation which consists of a 1 million tonne per annum (tpa) smelter, a 2,350 MW power station and other facilities, and is known globally as one of the world’s largest single-site primary aluminium smelters.

Due to the unique aspects of the smelting process, the sweepers required modification to cope with the strong magnetic field in order to operate at their optimum.

These bespoke adjustments were managed in house by Byrne’s team of technical experts prior to delivery.

The DUBAL operators were also considered in the implementation process and supplemental AC units were supplied for the operators to cater for the extreme climatic conditions. Technical support with 24/7 on site service crew was also provided.

The crew would carry out regular maintenance on the equipment and be on hand for any technical
issues ensuring a rapid response and resolution. This agreement has continued successfully for over 13 years, a testament to Byrne’s customer service and reliability as being unparalleled in the industry.