Case Study: F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Byrne supplied the temporary buildings, support personnel and consumables at the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

For the project we worked closely with the organisers for six months during the planning stage, we were onsite for almost 30 days before the race, delivering more than 150 separate items at a rate of 25 per day, over a six day period.

We provided approximately 2,600 square metres of cabin space which equated to over 100 cabins and toilet units that serviced the F1 Village, Gateway Parking, East Gate, North Oasis, South Oasis and West Oasis. Ticketing booths were also provided along with lighting towers, reefers and accessible toilet facilities.

To meet the specific requirements of the organisers Byrne also built the TV compound for 34 international TV stations including BBC, Sky, and Etisalat, liaising with each one direct to cater for their own individual needs. This involved preparing tailor made cabins with requests such as tinted windows, extra sound proofing, reinforced floors, additional air conditioning units to prevent any of the electrical equipment overheating. The TV Crews then moved in a day before the Friday practice round giving Byrne with a 24-hour window to respond to the last minute demands such as drilling holes in units for additional cabling, increased number of electrical sockets, extra furniture and any structural and plumbing changes.

By taking the responsibility away from the main client, we freed them up to concentrate on delivering the standout event in the UAE calendar and the F1 race finale. We essentially provided a full infrastructure project management service to an additional 34 customers, saving the customer time and money in and organising and co-ordinating this themselves. Our team were onsite through the event to respond to any live requests immediately.​​