Case Study: Successful Short-term Shutdown

​One of Byrne’s clients in Oman is a large and well established oil and gas services company specialising in shutdowns and turnarounds. Commonplace in industry, entire process units are taken offstream for an extended period for revamp and/or renewal.

During one such month-long shutdown, the client needed a versatile vertical access solution to get their maintenance team, plus materials, to the precise part of the plant needing overhaul.

Using traditional scaffold was a possibility, but would have taken the duration of the planned shutdown to erect, in effect doubling the length of the costly downtime. The company turned to Byrne for an equipment rental solution to position their workers at the right place to carry out planned maintenance as quickly as possible.

They rented an MC450 mast climber from Byrne for a month which allowed their workers controlled and safe access to critical points at varying heights during the shutdown.

Byrne supplies the full range of Alimak Hek vertical access solutions for people and materials. The HEK MC450 can lift all types of load and position them to the nearest centimeter. As a result heavy tools and materials can always be within reach.

Byrne’s equipment was chosen for the job due to the speed at which it could be up and running on site. Coupled with an excellent reputation in the oil and gas industry and track record of delivering reliable equipment on time, every time, made Byrne the first choice during their scheduled project.

Oil & Gas companies operate around the clock, and so do Byrne, providing a 24/7 support service. Renting equipment from Byrne gave the client the reassurance that their project could be executed safely and efficiently with minimum downtime, supported by the highest level of service in the industry.

Oil & Gas companies operate around the clock, and so do Byrne, providing a 24/7 support service.