Case Study: Samref Shutdown

​Seven temporary Alimak SC45/30 FC S rack and pinion hoists were installed at the Samref petroleum refinery, providing access to a wide range of critical locations during the plants largest shutdown and refurbishment operation.

Given the highly flammable environment of the petro-chemical plant, and the nature of the products produced, strict safety and operating conditions were enforced on site. Working within facility requirements, Byrne Equipment Rental provided a temporary access solution that allowed shutdown work to be completed within the designated time frame.

Byrne provided access to the reformer, reactor, columns, plus the CCR and FCC areas, whilst designing and using over 34 different ties to ensure flexibility and stability throughout each position and structure, with safety at the forefront of the operation.

In order to complete necessary maintenance and upgrades to the facility on schedule, a means of transporting workers and materials to the upper levels of the seven locations was required. The Alimak SC45/30 FC units proved the perfect solution, meeting size, weight, and capacity / height requirements on site.

Byrne engineers designed and manufactured unique brackets with extra long ties to fasten the mast sections to the tower’s irregular steel structure, in accordance with petro-chemical plant safety requirements. In addition, extended landing platforms were fitted at multiple landings, providing a safe walkway from hoist car to each structure access / egress points.

Installation and dismantling of the temporary rack and pinion hoists was carried out with Byrne  technicians monitoring the use of all power tools and completing work within pre-arranged time frames.

The temporary rack and pinion hoist remained on site at the refinery for 12 weeks, providing workers and materials with access to all the unique structures during the maintenance and refurbishment works.

Byrne's rental equipment enabled the shutdown work at the facility to be completed on schedule.

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