Byrne boosts fleet to cater for booming market

Camp solutions and temporary offices
Camp solutions and temporary offices

Byrne Equipment Rental, a leading equipment supplier in the region boasting over 15,000 rental items, is scaling up its fleet to meet the diverse requirements of the regional market which is witnessing an upsurge in project activity.

Byrne offers a diverse product range that caters to specific rental needs across various industries. Its services are tailored to meet regional demands, allowing it to fulfil a wide range of not only equipment rental needs but also services required in those specific areas. With its headquarters in Jubail, the plant and equipment rental company is well-positioned to meet the needs of clients across the region, including remote and large-scale projects.

In Riyadh, following its successful contribution to Expo 2020 in Dubai, the plant and equipment rental company is positioning itself as a key player in the upcoming Riyadh Expo 2030, pledging versatile equipment and turnkey solutions for the city's infrastructure boom.

“We're expanding our fleet to meet Riyadh's evolving construction needs, with an eye on the promising Expo 2030 horizon," says James Dodgson, General Manager KSA, Kuwait and Bahrain, tells Gulf Construction in an exclusive interview.

"Our proactive approach and fleet investment demonstrate our commitment to being Riyadh's reliable Expo 2030 partner. This commitment is crucial in providing versatile equipment and turnkey solutions for the numerous infrastructure initiatives taking place in the city. With our fleet expansion, adaptability and responsiveness, Byrne is poised to be a pivotal player in the city's construction landscape,” he adds.

Byrne’s diverse fleet in Riyadh caters to the city's dynamic construction environment, with several equipment categories experiencing high demand. Among the most sought-after categories are sanitation equipment, temporary buildings, compressors and generators, which have become indispensable for various projects in the Saudi capital due to their versatility and critical role in supporting construction activities, according to Dodgson.

“What makes these equipment categories even more popular is not just the quality of the equipment but the comprehensive services that Byrne provides. Our commitment to services like fuel management enhances operational efficiency, ensuring that projects in Riyadh have a consistent and reliable power source. Additionally, our ability to offer bespoke solutions for site offices and camps adds another layer of appeal, providing clients with tailored solutions that precisely meet their specific needs,” he emphasises.

Dodgson points out there has been a marked increase in the utilisation of Byrne's hoist and mast climber equipment across various projects in Riyadh.

“While the construction of the Riyadh Metro demanded intricate access solutions, our equipment has also been supporting event and O&G requirements throughout the region. The adaptability and reliability of Byrne's access equipment has been critical in the success of these projects, leading to a growing demand for our services. Byrne's ability to integrate access equipment into our diverse fleet is a testament to our ability to meet the evolving needs of projects,” he states.

Byrne's strategic diversification goes beyond mechanical equipment and encompasses non-mechanical products such as modular welfare facilities, camp solutions and on-site offices – all in line with its single-source solution model - underscoring the company's determination to adapt and provide customised solutions for the varied construction environments.

“As the demand for one-stop-shop solutions continues to grow, we have embraced this challenge by providing a comprehensive approach that extends across the entire group. The focus is on offering turnkey solutions that go beyond traditional equipment rental services, addressing the expanding need for integrated services. Our continuous commitment to sustainability is also evident in the additional products we have recently added to our fleet, offering environmentally conscious solutions to our clients,” Dodgson points out.

Over the past year, Byrne has expanded its product offering to meet the varied needs of construction projects across the Middle East. It has embraced sustainability in its offerings to include solar-powered temporary buildings and lighting towers.

“Sustainability solutions have been a huge focus for us throughout 2023 and will continue into 2024 and beyond. To reduce fuel consumption and provide eco-friendlier options, we are expanding our solar-powered temporary building fleet. These buildings are designed to provide reliable and efficient solar energy with various applications available, depending on our client's specific needs. For instance, our battery solution enables complete independence for standalone power, while our alternative synchronised option with the main supply power (generator/grid) still results in fuel reduction,” he elaborates.

Saudi market

Byrne boasts a 20-year Saudi presence with nine depots across the Kingdom. These include strategic locations in Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Ras Al Khair, Yanbu, Jizan, Turaif and Jubail, in addition to a newly established facility in Duba to meet the requirements from Neom.

The company intends to establish a new 50,000-sq-m headquarters and logistics hub in Jubail, which will span 50,000 sq m. Currently in the planning stage, the facility is scheduled to be finished by early 2025.

Dodgson sees this expansion as a commitment to regional efficiency and growth.


Customer focus

Byrne Equipment Rental, he says, is a versatile and reliable partner for various industries, demonstrating adaptability, continuous expansion and an ongoing commitment to sustainability.

“This makes us a valuable resource for businesses navigating the dynamic landscape of construction and infrastructure projects in the GCC. Our main focus has always been customer service, flexibility and efficiency, making us a go-to solution provider. One of the key advantages of Byrne's turnkey solutions is the incorporation of on-site depot services, which allows for a quick response to site issues, promotes operational efficiency and minimises downtime. These depots are constructed using Byrne's own temporary buildings and ensure the availability of necessary equipment for hire, all rigorously tested in compliance with stringent health, safety and environmental regulations. This not only enhances project productivity but also reduces overall traffic to and from project sites, leading to lower emissions,” he says.

Byrne's unique capability to manufacture modular buildings through Spacemaker (UAE) and Byrne Technical Services (KSA) further enhances their inventory management flexibility and efficiency. This adaptability, coupled with its commitment to comprehensive solutions, positions Byrne as a key player in Riyadh's pre-Expo 2030 construction boom.