Byrne supplies 16 specially designed mast climbers for major construction project.

Simon Hickson Region Business Manager Hoist and Access Rental
Simon Hick, Regional Business Manager - Hoist & MCWP
Byrne Equipment Rental has been supplying a variety of equipment including power equipment and mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) for construction of the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi theme park. With regard to temporary power and fuel, Byrne is supplying 2 x 500kVA generators in addition to daily fuel deliveries for the entire project. A unique requirement from the site management team was to install 16 specially designed mast climbers without the normal spacing between tie-in frames. During the initial stages of the project, Byrne had to design the MCWP installations accounting for gaps ranging from 28m to 32m between the tie-in frames. Simon Hickson, regional business manager–hoists, MCWP and powered access, Byrne Equipment Rental, explains: “With over 300 mast climbers in our rental fleet across the GCC, we have the resources as well the technical knowledge to cover extremely challenging and unique projects and applications. Therefore, when we received the scope for this project, we were well equipped to deliver. We ensured that no ties were fixed between areas of 32m tie space within the facade and this was applied across multiple locations. We used the right machine for the job and ensured that a limited SWL of 3000kg to 4000kg was placed on the unit, depending on the configuration. We focused on how the MCWP’s were going to be tied to the structure, and more importantly the main steel beams. This was overcome by a special clamping tie that took in to account the many variations of steel sizes at site, while ensuring that the large tie loads were dispersed / absorbed back to the main structure safely.” Click here to read the full article by PMV Middle East.