The Jewel of Oman


Originally a small fishing settlement used by the Janubah tribe, Duqm is a port town on the Arabian Sea, located in central-eastern Oman. When geologists from Petroleum Development Oman landed in the region in February 1954, their mission was to set about with the exploration of oil from the area.

As a result of its geography and port facilities Duqm has undergone significant industrial and commercial development in the last decade, with the Oman Tourism Development Company aiming to increase the town’s population to 100,000 by 2020. The Duqm of 2017 is a rapidly developing industrial oil town, while the Al Duqm Port and Drydock is equipped with a ship repair yard and state-of-the-art drydock facility, and is managed by the Port of Duqm Company.

“It is amazing how quickly the area in and around Duqm has grown, even in the last six months,” states Tony Boulger, General Manager of Byrne Equipment Rental. “SEZAD, the Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority, has implemented several major projects, dividing a 2000 square kilometre area into eight different sectors including the port itself, the ship drydock, an oil refinery, the regional airport, industrial and logistics areas, and commercial and tourist zones. Naturally, this has resulted in a massive increase in activity and opportunities.”

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