McGill-HEC EMBA visit Byrne Group CEO in Dubai

McGill Legacy Ventures Meeting
Pat Fallon, Deputy CEO of Byrne Group, with the McGill-HEC EMBAteam

We were delighted to welcome a delegation of senior business executives and leaders from Canada who were visiting Dubai as part of the McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA “Worldly Mindset” programme. This was organised by Legacy Ventures, an educational travel consultancy specialising in the design and organisation of international immersion programs for business schools and their executives, and the McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA, a leading and prestigious programme that is primarily designed for experienced global managers and professionals. As part of the program over the month of June, Dubai will welcome around 50 visiting executives in and around the Emirates to take part in various activities, conferences, and visits with the goal of exploring international strategies across a range of businesses and doing business in an international context.

Pat Fallon, Byrne Group Deputy CEO met with some of the visiting program participants at our HQ in Dubai, to share the Byrne story over the last 30 years and offer a perspective on international expansion from a UAE standpoint. Having led the Byrne Group over the years to expand across the GCC to KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman from its humble beginnings in the UAE, Pat presented a short overview of the company, which was followed by a Q&A in which he touched on some of the strategies and processes behind Byrne’s expansion, as well as the challenges and benefits of conducting business in the Middle East. 

Pat says, “It was great to welcome this group to Byrne, share our story and talk about our journey so far reflecting on our different ownership groups over the years, the evolution of our brand and business and the constant need for change as markets evolved, and strategies and plans followed suit. I hope they left us with a better understanding of the region generally and a helpful perspective of doing business here in particular”