COO Pat Fallon talks to Middle East Construction News

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Q - A brief overview of your company, its history, development and current standing and operations.
A - Byrne Equipment Rental was founded in the UAE in the early 1990s and since then has grown to become one of the largest plant and equipment rental companies in the Middle East. With 20 operational bases, covering the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, we have a fleet of over 10,000 items of plant and a team of over 1,500 people.

Q - Describe the range of services that you offer and the markets and segments you operate in.

A - We offer high quality equipment rental solutions to a broad variety of industry sectors including but not limited to Oil & Gas, Construction & Infrastructure, Events, Manufacturing & Logistics, Retail & Commercial, Marine & Ports, Defense & Military and Medical. Our sister company Spacemaker (UAE) and Byrne Technical Services (KSA) which was founded in the UAE in 1990 is a turnkey solution provider, able to deliver prefabricated modular building solutions. The business has grown to become one of the highest quality modular building suppliers in the Middle East.

Q - Please give details of your fleet and equipment in the several industry segments you operate in.

A - We have a fleet of over 10,000 items of plant - our fleet ranges from temporary buildings to hoist & access machines to DNV 2.7-1 containers. Our broad and diverse fleet ensures that we can serve a multitude of industries and that we are a ‘one stop shop’ solution provider.

Q - Byrne recently took delivery of a fleet of powered access equipment. What prompted you to go into powered access? Also, please describe the new fleet and the MEWP equipment you offer.

A - In recent years, demand for access equipment has grown dramatically not only throughout the Middle East but on a global scale. The global market is becoming more safety conscious and hoist & access equipment focuses on operator safety; so in turn, demand for this equipment has sky rocketed in the last few years. This is where we see access as yet another rental and lease solution that complements our established business model, and more importantly underscores our supply capability in the equipment rental field as a true ‘one-stop-shop’
We supply a full range of vertical access solutions for people and materials the fleet consists of transport platforms, material hoists and mast climbers which provide a versatile and safe working environment. Also, our hoist & access fleet includes a wide range of MEWPS, comprising a broad mix of scissor lifts (both electric and diesel), telescopic booms, articulated booms and electric booms. In addition, a range of low-level access platforms which includes the Power Tower Single, Duo, Pecolift, Ecolift and Nano.

Q - How has business been for Byrne for the last couple of years in the region? What prospects do you see going ahead, especially in the powered access sector?

A - Compared to 2018 when markets suffered a noticeable slowing, 2019 has been one of more positive performance and this looks set to continue at least for the remainder of the year, especially with the current pipeline across the region.

Q - How do you deliver the “One Stop Shop” experience to your customers?

A - We have a diverse product offering of over 10,000 items of equipment, serving multiple industries. We aim to deliver the ‘one stop shop’ experience by ensuring that we can provide everything our client needs – whether that be for a music concert for the events industry or a shutdown and turnaround for the O&G industry. Most importantly, if a client requires a specific product and we don’t have it, we simply purchase it for them.

Q - Please explain your ‘On-site Hire Shop” concept. What are its features and advantages and how does it serve customers and help your business?

A - For major construction and infrastructure projects we offer the added convenience of an on-site equipment rental facility. These are built using our own temporary buildings, providing all contractors, stakeholders and the wider array of people and organisations working to deliver this project, immediate access to a vast range of equipment and consumables in one convenient location. There are a number of benefits of an On-site Rental Facility. It gives the contractor immediate access to a wide range of products and equipment that are fit for purpose and tested in accordance with health and safety regulations. The close proximity to the work site results in a reduction in site traffic (to, from and on-site) which in turn leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the close distance allows for rapid response to site issues e.g. breakdowns or replacement kit. The overall benefit of this concept is that it enables us to support clients in delivering an on-time and on-budget project.

Q - What are some of the challenges you face while operating in the Middle East market and how do you solve them?

A - As mentioned above markets are improving significantly in terms of business volumes and activity particularly across multiple sectors. While this is positive news for many, competition remains strong and payments remain slow in most sectors. In addition, there remains significant downward pressure on pricing so, careful management of costs and cash has become critical for most businesses. 

Q - How do you maintain and service your equipment? Describe the service back-up and on-site support for customers.

A - Byrne prides itself on our commitment to customer service which is unparalleled in the industry and this is supported by providing a 24/7 round the clock service as standard. We conduct safety checks on all equipment once a month and service if need be.

Q - What do you think sets Byrne Rental apart from the competition and has been the reason for its success?

A - Since our formation in the early 1990s the Byrne Group has differentiated itself through its commitment to the provision of high-quality service and to this day customer service is still the forefront of the business ensuring we deliver an outstanding level of service 24/7. Listening and working closely with our clients has resulted in the growth of our strategically positioned footprint across the GCC and the extensive expansion of the fleet to meet the ever-growing demand driven by a proven operational excellence model.
We are a GCC company with a strong history and our incredibly experienced team of professionals who are both multi-cultural and multi-national have helped our business to thrive and succeed in many different ways and this will continue to be an important focus of the organisation in the future.

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