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Temporary Buildings for Army Camp in Oman

Byrne is providing temporary buildings and equipment rental to an army training camp for 450 troops in Musannah, Oman.

Working with KBR, a global technology, engineering, procurement and construction company serving the UK government who specialise in delivering novel, large-scale, complex projects, Byrne will supply power to the camp, offices for military personnel, lighting, fencing, toilets, and a medical facility.

Britain and Oman enjoy a longstanding close relationship. The two countries have one of the most robust relations in the region due to their deep-rooted shared history that dates back to centuries ago. The camp will facilitate the training of Omani military by the British Army with troops arriving from August 2018.

Hired from Byrne’s depot in Muscat, five Byrne generators of sizes varying between 30 kVA - 350 kVA will power the camp. Modular buildings will be used for 10 offices, five toilet units, and a medical facility. A refrigerated container (reefer) will be utilised for temperature controlled storage of medical supplies and drugs. The reefer conveniently features its own clip-on generator which in this case will act as a backup power supply should primary power fail to this critical part of the camp. Military grade fencing will guard the site perimeter, and mobile air conditioning units which can easily be moved around the camp as required will provide cooling. Super silenced mobile lighting towers with vertical masts up to 9m will provide light to the site.

The training camp is located at Musannah, Oman near RAFO Musannah which is a Royal Air Force of Oman air base located 26.5 miles (42.6 km) south west of Barka, Al Batinah South.

With strategically located logistical hubs across the Middle East, Byrne have worked on military projects in Kyrgyzstan, Bahrain, Pakistan and Eritrea and can provide solutions in the remotest and most arduous locations. Byrne’s dedicated temporary buildings team can design, manufacture, install and service almost any configuration accommodation required, whether that be a full scale camp, barracks, central command unit, embassy, command post, ammunition storage or blast resistant buildings.

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