Steam Boiler Rental

We offer a range of portable steam boilers for rent that deliver up to 5 tonnes of steam per hour at 9 bar.

A higher volume of steam (up to 30 tonnes per hour) at the same pressure can be achieved by combining multiple units via a steam manifold.

Each boiler is supplied either trailer or skid-mounted with independent water tank, fuel tank, water softening system and power pack.

Consisting of three pass boilers, the first pass consists of a furnace tube designed to give flexibility under the most arduous operating conditions. The second and third passes consist of two nests of small bore smoke tubes.

The combustion chamber is of the wet back type fitted inside the boiler, and is completely surrounded by water giving valuable radiant heat transfer surface to the unit.

The gas exit from the boiler can be taken from the top or back of the rear smokebox as may be dictated by site conditions.

Welded construction throughout and designed to BSS 2790 and AOTC rules, the boiler is X-rayed and stress relieved as required for Class 1 fusion welded pressure vessels. The boiler is suitable for oil or gas fuel and can be fitted with oil, gas or combined gas and oil burner.

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