Material Hoist Rental

Hoists have a simple, flexible and robust design suitable for all vertical access to buildings or scaffolding, either for new constructions or for refurbishments.

The drive unit runs on a mast section via a series of guide rollers, mounted on a tandem frame to distribute the pressure consistently for smooth travel.

Byrne supplies the full range of Alimak Hek’s vertical access solutions for people and materials. The following models are available:

  • Alimak SC 45/30 FC – DOL
  • TPL 300, 500, 1800, 2000, 2000D

Structure: a rigid and anti-slip walking surface.

Erection platform: facilitates smooth operation when fastening the masts during erection and fastening mast ties to the wall, and can be positioned on both sides of the platform.

Drive unit: runs on a mast section via a series of guide rollers, mounted on a tandem frame to distribute the pressure consistently for smooth travel. The two-speed or single-phase gear-motor overload system and safety device system are installed in the center.

Mast sections: are fixed to each other with four eyebolts, making assembly quick and safe. The rack is screwed to the mast.

Base frame: The machine is easily positioned, even in narrow places, as the base frame is smaller than the platform. The first mast section and the cable basket are screwed on (until 100m).

Load ramp: The exit side consists of a ramp system which includes a control bar system with vertical or horizontal bar opening. The entrance side consists of a bi-foldable gate system which allows easy loading of the platform with a forklift. The exit ramps and entrance doors are available in several sizes.

Landing gates: For the TPL 1800 / 2000 / 2000D models, the landing gates have a mechanical or electric interlock and are easy to assemble on both the scaffolding and the building landing.


SC 45/30 FC - DOL

  • Microprocessor lift control system reduces waiting times
  • Can be equipped with a frequency control for smooth starting and stopping
  • Single or dual car configurations
  • Can share the mast of an MC-450 mast climber
  • Flexible modular design offers lengths 2-3.2m
  • Low energy consumption

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