Mast Climber Hire

Working on a mast climbing work platform is easy because there are no scaffold poles to get in the way, and no cables from cradles, with the added advantage of a higher operating wind load than the cradle.

Byrne supplies the full range of Alimak Hek’s vertical access solutions for people and materials.

The HEK MC 450 can lift all types of load and position them to the nearest centimeter. As a result heavy tools and materials can always be within reach.

It is:

  • Visible
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Productive
  • Cost saving

Logistical Advantage

  • The platform can be adjusted in length and width
  • Can carry a load of 2,500kg with a single mast (4,500kg for a twin mast)
  • Lifting height of up to 200m
  • Possible to lift a whole day’s production to working level in one lift

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