Scissor Lift Hire

Wide range readily available to hire including electric, self-propelled and rough terrain scissor lifts.

Our GENIE/JLG machines feature the latest technologies in the market such as extra capacity and secondary protection.

Electric Scissor Lift Hire

Primarily used indoors, electric scissor lifts provide a fume-free and low noise method of accessing areas directly above where the machine is situated.

The ability to drive into position and elevate to working heights in excess of 15m makes the electric scissor lift a fast, efficient and safe method of working at height.

Diesel Scissor Lift Hire

Suitable for outdoor use where ground conditions are uneven, diesel scissor lifts provide a large working platform capable of reaching heights in excess of 24m.

With many models fitted with self-levelling jack legs these machines can set up and operate quickly and efficiently giving the operator access to areas directly above or alongside the machine base.

Often they are also fitted with on board power generators capable of powering small hand tools with no requirement for an external power source.

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