Transformer Rental

We supply step-up and step-down transformers at various voltages and sizes:

  • Low voltage transformer with taps starting from 110V, 230V, 440V, 460V, 480V, 600V, 660V, 690V at 50/60HZ, and sizes up to 4MVA.
  • Medium voltage transformers at 3300V, 6600V, 11000V, 13800V, 3300V at 50/60HZ up to 6.3MVA.
  • Single phase transformers for small electrical tools and events, including sockets and plug connections.
  • Available with transformers are low voltage switchgear up to 690V , and medium voltage switchgear up to 33000V.
  • Ring main switches (RMU) up to 11000V and 630A capacity. 

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